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Build A Digital Mind To Capture Ideas That Get Results

Enhance your writing, note-taking, and thinking with KoreNotes – a new knowledge management system.
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Earn with your mind, not your time... |
The ability to earn with your mind, not your time, labor, or looks is how you become in control of what you do and how much you make.
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Operate the command palette with
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Save as KoreNote
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Connect KoreNotes
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Knowledge Management Without The Bloat & Anxiety

Say goodbye to information overload, wasteful distractions, and unread bookmarks forever. You will benefit from Kortex if...
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You are tired of having a bloated and disorganized note-taking system. But you understand the power of saving heavy-hitting ideas.

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You feel like your ideas are never original, persuasive, or engaging. You don’t have a way of producing consistent and effortless writing.

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You have to copy and paste across multiple apps to capture ideas, write content, and create business assets like emails and landing pages.

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You don’t have a way to instantly capture ideas that will change your life, business, and writing (because most apps are clunky and full of friction).

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You are always staring at a blank page with negative thoughts flooding your head (because your readers, revenue, and growth depend on your ideas and writing).

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Your bookmarks, notes, and highlights are even more overwhelming than social media. So you never use them and your writing suffers because of it.

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Implement Our Seamless
Idea-To-Impact Writing System

We deconstructed what makes the human mind tick and rebuilt it into a new system to distill high-quality information. Control the quality of your inputs and outputs for mental clarity and valuable creations.
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Capture ideas fast. Develop them into original ideas with KoreNotes.

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Create and organize quotes, highlights, and sources.

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Make connections between your notes to create new and original ideas.

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Write faster. Write with impact. Write with the unique voice we help you cultivate.

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Create Content, Newsletters, Landing Pages, and More That Grip Your Readers

Modern success is built from attention-grabbing ideas & online writing.
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Writers: 10x your writing speed and idea generation. Never stare at a blank screen again.

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Creators: Outcompete the saturation with unique and  high-performing topics that generate engagement, followers, and authority.

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Marketers: Write unique and persuasive landing pages, content, and promotions that convert.

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Notetakers: Become an articulate, clear thinker and tap into your creative genius for work and study.

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KoreNotes: The Note-Taking System With A Purpose

Most note-taking systems help you take notes, but stop there. We took the principles of psychology and neuroscience to make note-taking useful for your work and business success:
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Turn your unorganized notes into your own original ideas.

Use KoreNote Elements to structure your note-taking for maximum attention, impact, and authenticity.

Create content, marketing campaigns, and emails with ease by referencing KoreNotes when writing projects.

Connect your KoreNotes to say goodbye to writer's block and string together ideas in a way that wows your readers.

Novel ideas that advance understanding lead to more loyalty and sales than any sleazy salesman techniques.


Projects: Infinite Ideas For Writing Books, Emails, And Content

Outline Builder

Use KoreNote Elements to ensure that your writing is persuasive and impactful. Take the guesswork out of headlines, titles, and transitions.

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Write Faster

By the time you write, your ideas are already fleshed out and connected. All you do is piece them together in your own way.

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Reference KoreNotes

Reference your original ideas, sources, and the connections between them all to write a piece unique to you.

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Writing Is The Greatest Skill Of The 21st Century
Personal Highlights

Store snippets of your own writing to be used as posts, inspiration, or to have a bank of your most concise writing.

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Kortex Academy

A Library Of 67+ Proven Strategies

When you sign up, you gain access to Kortex Academy with everything you need to turn your database of ideas into a meaningful career.
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Personal Branding

Your personal brand is your public resume. We show you how to land jobs, gigs, or clients with our methods.

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Focus & Performance

We live in a digital black hole of distractions. Use our systems to take back control of your mind.

AI Image of audience building
Audience Building

Build leverage for the future of work and attract an audience that spreads your name and products.

AI image of lifestyle design
Lifestyle Design

Design the life you want to live with our processes on habit formation, mindfulness, and daily routines.

AI image of content and writing
Content & Writing

Turn your ideas into high-performing content that brings in readers, connections, and opportunities.

AI image of marketing and sales
Marketing & Sales

Learn to package up the value you have to offer in a way that is well-received by your readers.

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Coming Soon...

Kai: The AI That Responds Using Your Knowledge

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Ask Kai Anything
Kai: The AI That Doesn’t Strip Away Your Power
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Amplify Your Voice
Kai uses the knowledge in your KoreNotes to write high-performing content using your unique ideas.
Your Digital Assistant
Ask Kai to ideate, connect, write, or schedule content for you through a chat interface you can open anywhere.
Trained On Your Mind
Kai improves itself as you build your digital mind. It learns from the knowledge in your KoreNotes and adapts to your writing style.
Your Personal Editor
Kai revises and edits your writing to not just improve your grammar, but the quality of your ideas. Your own pro editor, available 24/7.

Built & Used By Founders With 3,100,000+ Followers

We were tired of note-taking, idea capture, and AI software that didn’t produce results.
Joey Justice photo
Joey Justice
Website iconInstagram iconX iconLinkedIn icon

Joey is a social media ghostwriter who has created 500+ Twitter threads and generated 300k+ followers for his clients. He is also a performance consultant for entrepreneurs who has worked one-on-one with 100+ clients and directly helped thousands across multiple private communities like Modern Mastery HQ over 4 years.

Justin Scott photo
Justin C Scott
Website iconInstagram iconX iconLinkedIn icon

Justin has built a multi-six-figure following and income aligned with purpose, meaning, & fulfillment. His creative work, philosophies, & systems have benefited hundreds of thousands of lives worldwide.

Matthew Ao photo
Matthew Ao
Website iconInstagram iconX iconLinkedIn icon

Matthew was previously awarded the Top 36 Startups of 2022 Award by Gen AI 36, and has worked as a software engineer at various early stage startups. He has also scaled his income to multi-six figures by designing and building beautiful websites for high profile clients, such as world-famous pianist Bruce Liu.

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Public release

We Are Not Open To The Public Just Yet

Kortex will not release until we are absolutely satisfied with the impact this software will have on the creator economy. We will be accepting limited beta users with our ghostwriting and consulting clients. We will be accepting a larger group of beta users in our writing cohort. For updates and inquiries, join our community on Circle.
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